Pre-teens & Teens

Now I am more motivated to draw near to God! – John Lo

I am thankful that the Lord led me to Vancouver. During this time, I experienced a renewal of my understanding of how I can daily live with the precious Lord. Back in Calgary, I did not draw near to the Lord regularly as I did not fully know how I can enjoy His presence and love to me. Sometimes, drawing near to Him was more like a routine rather than an enjoyment. In Vancouver, I give thanks to the Lord that I have a group of brothers with whom I can pursue the Lord together, teaching me how to set

I taste the father’s eternal care – Michael Li

Recently, I have experienced the heavenly Father’s love more. I understand how He loves and cares for me. I will become a father soon and through this I experienced the Father more. When I think about how a new born baby can be so vulnerable and you want to do everything you can to protect him, you will plan with details to give him the best. I experienced how the Heavenly Father plans out my life with so much details. How in every step of my life journey He cares for me. I am so well protected by Him. What’s

Setting the mind right: Walking out a Christian life – Waiying Chau

Recently, I have been attending some training meetings on Saturdays that speak about ‘Having the Right Mindset’. I learned that I am often affected by my feelings and it has become of my feelings controlling me rather than having the will to fight these feelings. An example is that one time I had some grudges with my coworker. I didn’t want to talk to her or help her in any way. Despite these feelings, I took the initiative to talk to my colleague. Once I took that action, I felt easier and better inside me. From the past training meetings,

I learned to serve with wisdom and joy! – Tuhien Trieu

I give thanks to God for guiding us to serve among the youths in a more wiser way. In the past, I used to do everything for the group: planning, coordinating, preaching, sharing messages, shepherding, leading games, etc. But I learn more that when bro/sis involve in ministry, they improve more and I become less burdensome and more joyful. Now, we even involve the younger bros/sis and even young believers to do ministry from helping the younger children, planning activities, preaching gospel and to involvement in committee meetings. They become more stable and feel the importance in God’s family and

Joyful to pursue God together – Wells Suen, Grade 7

Usually in Spring Break I would waste my time but this Spring Break was way more meaningful and enjoyable because, firstly there are GoSPARK Club activities and every morning there are brothers and sisters that are supportive enough to help us build a habit of drawing near to God. So every morning at10:30am we would go to the park and draw near to God together. This helped me to enjoy the time together and I feel more joyful having this time to pursue God together. This really helped me to be closer to God and enjoy praying to Him. I

I improved in ministry! – Sofia Chau

I used to take care of sisters with a fear that they were forced to do things they didn’t want to. This fear caused me to think unnecessarily and prevent me from doing the task that I should do. However, when I realize that helping them draw near to God and to involve in the family brings positive changes in spirit, body, and mind, I put aside that fear and took courage to involve the sisters in my group. I learned to pray more for them and to see their needs. I would adjust to their pace to help them