Appreciations – Wai Ying Chau

I give thanks to the parents of the children that are in my group. They organized an appreciation moment for all those who work hard in helping their kids on Sundays. I felt appreciated for all the work that I had done. A mom gave thanks to me for helping all her 3 kids…I didn’t realize that all her three kids were under my care until she had said it. Helping the kids to know and experience God’s love is my greatest glory.

Give thanks and count your blessings – Aiden, Susanna, and Leon

So a month has gone by for our newborn, Aiden . The Lord has taught Susanna and me to count our blessings and always give thanks. From diaper supplies to clothes for Aiden, the Lord has been gracious. Aiden was born 4lbs and 13 oz, but now he is 8lbs. We were worried about his growth, but after he was born; we felt that Abba and the Lord has been taking care of us all. We appreciate God’s love as well as the love from brothers and sisters. From our first message in Whatsapp during baby delivery, we saw brothers

New plan to bless the children

On September 7th, we had a parent meeting for brothers and sisters whose children are taken care of by the Alpha and Smarties coworkers. It was a very positive, warm and insightful gathering. The coworkers who help the children on Sundays shared their joys and challenges in helping the kids. At the same time, their parents appreciated all the coworkers’ efforts and understood their challenges. They all came to an understanding that we cannot depend on just the limited hours of fellowship time on Sundays to have impact on the children. The greatest influence and best shepherds for the children

Rejoice! Thanks to Saturday training – Blue Ngo

I treasure what we have been practicing from Saturday training. Even with the newborn and an unpredictable schedule, whenever I behold to see the Lord and Abba in glory, my heart is uplifted. When I see that Abba is the Creator who rules all things in glory, my heart is at rest. He cares for me and knows me deeply. He gives the very best to me, and to give me wisdom to care for Mika. Short worship and beholding made me realize more that He lives with me closely, and I can rejoice and have strength to face this

My joy to serve my younger ones – Penny Ng

I enjoy my time looking after the younger ones in this family on Sunday mornings when their parents are attending meetings. They are very obedient when they play, when they eat and when they read. What I enjoy most is I can talk to them about their lives, what they did over the weekend, what their favorite food are, their favorite colours.

Fundraising for God’s family world wide – Blue Ngo

I’m amazed at how passionately the kids involved themselves in fundraising events for Light and Love Home (Africa). In April, they made their own dim sum to sell; they even made their own sign and sold the food on their own. 120 pieces of dim sum (siu mai) were all sold out within 15 minutes, and they were able to raise $75 for the needy. The children’s group also made an excellent effort to get pledges for donations for the BMO charity run in March. Our group (children only) already raised about $2300. Give thanks this group can contribute to

Rosalie Yiu

Fellowship with kids helps me to think and plan in more simple ways because they are simple.

Leslie Wu

Many of these activities are not only fun for the kids but also for the grown-ups like us too! I enjoy helping the kids learn teamwork, problem solving, and achieving a goal together through these activities like last week’s science fun. Most important: having fun together!!