I am seven years old – Marco Yu – AP Camp 2019

My name is Marco. I loved to be at the Philippines camp. I loved the food and the programs, like classes, drawing and volleyball. I also learned that Jesus died on the cross for us. Something I improved was that I showered by myself. I want to come back again next time.

Life was hard but I felt closer to God – Nathaniel Tai – AP Camp 2019

We stayed in a high school at Tarlac. The life in the Philippines was hard. The washroom was so dirty and stinky. The bugs were everywhere. I had a lot of  mosquito bit and felt so itchy.  I felt God so deeply in worship times. I really felt the Lord closer to me like I never had before. In every meeting I gained a lot.  I want to go back to the Philippines next time.

Three things I enjoyed – Mathew Chan – AP Camp 2019

During school days, I feel really rushed but at the camp, I could have time in the morning to draw near to him. I also enjoyed meals times because I could share and learn of brothers and sisters from all around the world. Receiving reminders from brothers and sister also helped me realize things that I might not aware or remind me to help others and my own spirit.

2019 年終感恩 – Wing & Angela

由多倫多來到溫哥華 – Wing 很感恩主今年帶領我們由多倫多來到溫哥華,無論是個人或家庭,都經歷主和弟兄姊妹許多恩情。我很寶貴有神的家,弟兄姊妹的恩情對自己的成長幫助很大;當經歷難處時,感恩有弟兄姊妹在身邊扶一把。尤其是多謝太太Angela,有些難處很難表達,但她都默默支持、耐心傾聽。 另一樣感恩的是大兒子在這裡多了很多夥伴,彼此有好的學習,又一起親近主。我也多了和兒子一起親近主,帶兒子上學途中,我們一起敬拜、禱告;以往在多倫多因要上班,所以沒多機會,感恩今年有很多這樣的時光。盼望面前能有更多突破,敞開自己,與更多弟兄姊妹相熟。 珍貴身邊有弟兄姊妹一起成長 – Angela 我覺得來到這裏要面對各方面的「新」:新的聚會安排、新的組别、新的居住環境、新的工作…..;我在多倫多生活了二十多年,要同時面對這些實在是很大挑戰。 感恩在這半年神使我得着很多。感謝身邊一班弟兄姊妹的支持,在暑假和降生節假期,我竟然可以不用上班,這是我工作十多年來從未試過的。丈夫Wing多陪大兒子,我則多陪小兒子;感受他們心靈上都有進步,小兒子更令我驚訝。我們在聚會中學到的,回家都會教兩個孩子。例如當小兒子發脾氣,會教他向主祈禱説「主阿!救我」,又或是叫他停一停,看看主跟他説什麼,他便可愛地説:「主説I can do it!」雖然不知是真是假,但很為他們感恩。 此外,很感恩無論是孩子,或是我和丈夫,都在這裡找到屬靈同伴。我以往在多倫多工作壓力大,當電話鈴聲響起,便不想聽電話,我很怕,覺得自己連在電話裡禱告的力量也沒有。然而來到溫哥華,電話禱告成為我很大的幫助,甚至一天可以有五次電話禱告,這是我很大的改變。我很享受與姊妹彼此相交,禱告支持,一起敬拜,一點不感受有壓力。很感恩身邊有弟兄姊妹一起成長,感受很大支持,並且從每個身上都學習到很多。

Christmas holidays morning team

Wai Ying Thank God we made good use of Marine Drive meeting place during the holidays! Both parents and their children had their personal time and team time these two weeks.  I was glad that the environment helped the parents to enjoy time having fellowship with the Lord and with one another. The children learned how to direct their attention to God; they help themselves to be more focused. Some even improved by taking up the task in helping others to draw near to God. Sharon Zhou 當聽到有morning team時很開心,因為兒子可以跟同伴一起,也有姐姐陪伴親近主;但是也想到難處,因為自己帶著幾個月大的BB,還有自己兩個兒子和姐姐的兩個女兒,一共五個孩子,實在不容易。我只管跟主表達自己的心願,最後很感恩能成功參與。 珍貴可以與弟兄姊妹一起到主面前,而且是在一天的開始,早晨這樣親近神對自己的幫助很大,特別是唱詩敬拜和讀經,使我深深感受神的體恤、明白和了解。 大兒子Haydrian很喜歡參加team,他讀聖經也進步了。以往我叫他一起讀聖經時,他會推辭,總是想著去玩,現在他很願意跟我一起讀聖經。 筱娟 長達兩週的假期對家長來說是很不容易過的,因為孩子們在不用上學期間是很難起床,很容易浪費時間,生活鬆散的問題更大。感恩有疼愛他們的哥哥姐姐願意出錢出力,為他們預備早餐,邀請他們來一起親近主。兒子在第一天team後,很渴慕地問我何時可以再去,我回答他,明天就再去了。 孩子們親近主,家長們也一起親近主,我很久沒有參加早上的team了,假期有這樣的機會實在很享受。 Karen 參加morning team,我有回到中學時代的感覺,能與弟兄姊妹一起親近主,享受的時光過得特別快,當中唱詩敬拜和相交都很豐富,很幫助自己去享受主,彼此相交也很得幫助和被燃點。 Kathy 這個降生節,我和孩子們都過得很充實,因為孩子和家長都有morning team。在team中,我們一起讀完了路得記和約拿書。與弟兄姊妹一起讀聖經與自己讀很不同,透過相交,使我更清晰和明白所讀的,也使我更了解和熟悉弟兄姊妹。

Family Fellowship – Our Most Enjoyable Moments – Ida and Elvis’ Family

I always give thanks that my whole family can follow the Lord together. I think around 2-3 years ago, our family started to see the importance of family fellowship. Our family started to come together regularly to have cell group or use the meal time / gap time to share something about the Lord. It’s been so enjoyable every time we come together. Our family cell group is very warm and sweet. Sometimes we hold each other’s hands to pray or my younger daughter sits on my lap to worship. This is the moment I feel our hearts are bonding

Why I decided to get baptised – Emma Chan

Hello brothers and sisters, my name is Emma. I am second generation, which means my parents are Christians and they brought me to church when I was little. When I first joined fellowship, I was reading the Bible and singing hymns. It felt like really long and I kept staring at the clock. Then, when I joined for a few more times, I felt God’s love whenever I sing a hymn that touches me. Recently, on a Friday night, I had a little fellowship meeting with Violin and other brothers and sisters near my age. I greatly experienced God’s love

My Struggle – Wai Ying Chau

I recently had a struggle. I asked myself what do I really want in life. I struggled because as years pass by, there seems to be more things to consider in life such as career, finances, relationships, property, etc… All these factors make me think that I need to work harder for a better life. Then I talked to God about my trouble​s. Soon after, I made up my mind and told God that ​what ​I wanted most in my life is to give my blessings to Him and the glory that He deserves. Then God confirmed m​y​ desire through

Missionary trip to Bay Area (April 21-24, 2017) – Ida Kong

I give thanks to the Lord that my whole family could join missionary trip to visit the ​churches​ in the Bay Area. This short trip​ gave me lots of inspiration on how to pursue and co-work with brothers and sisters. Most of the brothers and sisters there had believed the Lord for many years; their hearts toward the Lord are very precious. However, they ​were not very clear about the everlasting way and the finishing way. I treasure more that I have a big team in Vancouver to pursue together consistently. I realized more that if I don’t devote myself