“Phone Sing” Worship Team Testimonials (Children) #12 The Phone Sing Worship Time is when we gather and worship God on the phone, because we have to stay at home and we cannot go to church. In Phone Sing, we sing songs and pray, read the Bible, learn Chinese, and, at the end, we turn on our videos to see each other’s faces. What I learned from Phone Sing is to “preset” and prepare myself before the Lord. I “preset” by praying to the Lord to help me how to enjoy the worship. I also cleared out my stuff (toys/books) from my desk to help me focus

My family can still pursue the Lord – Kathrine

I want to thank the management team brothers and sisters for all of their effort, love and care for the Church. I am thankful that they have thought of the needs of the Church during this chaotic situation. I am so blessed that despite what is happening around us right now (because of COVID-19), I am still able to pursue the Lord with brothers and sisters, not only here in Vancouver, but also overseas. The “phone sing worship” has and still is continually training me, and helping me to deeply stay focused to experience the Lord. I am so grateful

The Lord’s Touching Love – Violin Chan

Thursday morning (March 26th) we were touched by the Lord’s love that He had the worst bitterness on the cross for me yet He had the sweetness for the joy ahead. We sang the song many mountains. After that I received this from a Nepal brother who had further edited and sang this one. When I listened I felt the Lord was using all things to touch my heart. I also appreciate Bishwajit who had laid aside his job for the Lord to serve. One big thing he is doing is translating our hymns to Nepali and Hindi. Viloin Chan

“Phone Sing” Worship Team 齊來拜一拜 Testimonials #3

I enjoyed the phone sing time because it is the time during the day where I can have worship time with many brothers and sisters. It also helps me to be closer to God. Timothy Chow Phone sing prayers are great! I enjoyed the short 20 minutes with the brothers and sisters. I was able to enjoy both the 9 am one and the 12 pm one. Elijah Cheung I give thanks for the phone sing meetings because I am able to start the day off with the Lord and brothers and sisters. I enjoy being able to hear each

“Phone Sing” Worship Team 齊來拜一拜 Testimonials #2

我非常享受『豐盛敬拜』 我通常會參加多個時段,我覺得若整天都有這些安排,會是很好的『小休時光』(Break Time) 。 我感受弟兄姊妹都很投入『豐盛敬拜』,差不多每個人都有開聲禱告或相交。透過參加不同時段,可以認識更多弟兄姊妹。雖然不能見面,大家卻很同心、專心,一同享受。帶動的弟兄姊妹也有很適切的提醒,幫助我們專注主和默想。 疫情中,我們大部分時間留在家裡。有這『豐盛敬拜』可幫助弟兄姊妹不用太多思慮,有更多優質時光享受主,與弟兄姊妹一同追求,非常有意義。 Hannah Cheung 沒想到疫情來得這麼洶、這麼快,造成的傷害這麼厲害,甚至不能一起聚會。然而,參加 Phone Sing Worship,心靈不但得幫助,更感受豐富。人與人雖然距離遠了,但在敬拜中,彼此的心靈卻因主可以很近。 這個網上聚會有不同時段,每次只約二十分鐘,可以很彈性參加。當中有聖經/詩歌分享,敬拜和相交、禱告等,內容既豐富,又高質素。平日不同團、組的弟兄姊妹很少見面,在這裡卻可以一起敬拜和交流,看見每個的投入,真感受很親切和溫馨,心靈得很大支持。 我很喜歡在早上上班前參加,心靈猶如吃大餐般很有享受,也幫助自己更起勁與主面對當天的工作生活。若在小休或午間時段有空參加一下,也幫助自己更深活在主面前,以及活在弟兄姊妹當中,真的很值得推薦。 不知道惡劣的環境會持續多久,但感謝主利用一切問題,讓我們有這樣的操練和享受,真正能笑於暴風! Crystal 淑玲 I enjoy the Phone-Sing worships. They keep me sane from the negativity on the virus outbreak. Also, I could worship with brothers and sisters that I don’t usually worship with. Their prayers of assured faith and trust in God are my encouragement for the rest of the day. Thanks for organizing this. John Leung 今日敬拜父很得享受,敬拜前,很多同事及醫護人員也很擔心及很大壓力,因同層巳有病人感染。姊妹的禱告說:「不用驚這,不要驚那,能無憂無慮。」使我在工作環境中看到這宝貴真相。 Blue I really enjoyed the phone sing worship time. I hope it can continue. It helps me start a day with less worries. At noon, the worship brings

“Phone Sing” Worship Team 齊來拜一拜 Testimonials #1

我們渴慕「與主心連過今年」,同伴時光 或 Team Time 都是我們很大的助力。最近疫情嚴峻,主使我們利用問題,設計、安排“Phone Sing” Worship Team 齊來拜一拜。 在首週(三月十六至二十日)實行以來, 全教會各組反應熱烈,大得幫助,以下是少部份参加弟兄姊妹的心聲分享:(按:不少弟兄姊妹是天天參予,也有不少在一天內參予超過一個時段。) Thank God I can join many groups of phone sing worship teams each day. I feel very uplifted and nourished each time. Also, I enjoy and treasure that I can have fellowship with brothers and sisters of different groups. Alice Jiang I enjoyed being able to worship over the phone with brothers and sisters from all different groups each morning. This gave me comfort and encouragement to face the difficult times at work every day during the pandemic. Amy Deng 今天,我参加丰盛敬拜看詩篇18篇,感受心中很平安。我的力量、祝福和應許從神而來。外面世界變化、遭遇風浪,但祂是平靜風浪的神。在祂裡面,我有平安、力量,內心感受支持;有祂陪我一起充滿信心、喜樂走過人生的每一個階段。「主耶穌啊,我寶貴有你!」 Michael Yu 雖然無法親自與兄弟姐妹見面,但我們仍然可以一起敬拜, 體會整個敬拜時光很豐富。上班前與午飯時段,也可以有份參與敬拜。多個可選擇的時段,靈活適合上班一族。一次又一次地到主面前。我感到很滿意。 Heidi Wan 在 Phone Sing

I am 12 years old -Michelle Yu – AP Camp 2019

Hi, I’m Michelle, and this year I got the opportunity to visit the Philippines for the AP camp. During this camp, I gained and experience many things that I could not experience in Vancouver. One of the things I gained is how to be more independent. For example, washing my own clothes. Another thing is that I could take care of myself even when my parents were not there to help me or support me. I could learn to support myself and others. Another thing I gained is how to build relationships with brothers and sisters that I do not

I am thankful for the experiences at the camp – Olivia Huang – AP Camp 2019

I enjoyed my time in the Philippines having children fellowship and meeting the local brothers and sisters.  Through the trainings from Violin, I learned how to talk to brothers and sisters whom I am not familiar with. Also, I learned how to focus on the Lord more in worship.  I find this AP Camp a lot of fun and I am thankful for this experience.

I got baptized in AP Camp – Mark Chan – AP Camp 2019

I learn that l can focus and not to distract others when they are praying. I also learn how to talk in front of a lot of people and l get encouraged to talk.  l am pleased that l can get baptized in the Philippines.  l also enjoy that we can have family time and do a lot of fun games. L am thankful that l can experience God in my first AP camp. I want to thank my family for bringing me to Church and l also want to thank Violin for teaching me how to focus.  l also