My Gains from Morning Teams – Haydrain Wen (Alpha)

I really enjoy the morning teams with brothers and with Azra, because I can have fellowship time and talk to them. I started the morning teams almost a month ago. I have morning teams from Monday to Friday at 8:20am. What we do in morning teams is to have fellowship and talk. In the fellowship, we read the Bible, pray, and sing songs. For the past few weeks, we have been reading Psalms. I enjoy reading Psalms because they are easier to understand and I can have gains. I’ve gained that the Lord is always with me and He is

My Gains from Morning Teams – Nathanael Li (Alpha)

I want to share about the morning teams that I have had. At 8:20, we read the Bible together and pray. It helps me to understand the Bible more, because sometimes, I cannot understand. One challenge that I have is waking up. Usually, my mom has to wake me up. But I also help myself now by setting an alarm.

A song to share – Tuhien Trieu (Alpha)

By the Lord’s salvation, We are one big family Wherever we go, we are united We love God we love each other Our spirits are forever connected We can overcome all differences Through God, we love with perseverance Never give up always love God’s glory shines forth!   Lyrics: Tuhien Trieu Music: Tin Hang

My Family is Big! – Kerry Chuah (Alpha)

We lived out the essence of God’s family in the India camp. Our hearts are united in the Lord and this helps us to overcome the language and cultural differences. Thank God that since the pandemic time, we’ve been coming together through online global worship and sharing (known as “Phone Sing”) every day and this really connects the global church together. It’s my first time meeting in person with most of the Indian and Nepalese brothers and sisters, yet our hearts felt so close, partly because of the global Phone Sing. I sat with Brother John during dinner time the

Summer Mini Fun Fair

Lena (Promised Land) On September 11th, we had our first ever Funfair at RCC! Funfairs have long been a tradition where different groups prepare games, food, performances, and informational booths about our various programs and charity work happening around the world. Not only was this year’s Funfair special because it was the first we’ve had since the pandemic, but also because all the proceeds generated from it would be used to support the Zambia School Building Project. Among all booths, we were especially impressed with the special performance by the younger kids featuring their own skit with acting and voice

Abundant Trip in Vietnam – Azra Kong (Alpha)

I give thanks that my whole family can join the Vietnam Mission trip this summer. The whole trip only lasted for 10 days, but it was already very abundant. The first few days in the camp were mainly for brothers and sisters who came from different countries to have training together.  The Vancouver team shared how coworkers pursue together, how we do the gospel work, how we consider before the Lord in ministry, etc. I truly give thanks that the Lord has given us a way to take up His commission. What we have done and experienced in the Lord

Family Fun Day Recap (August 2022)

 On Sunday, August 21st 2022, we had our whole church Family Day at Sunset Community Centre! It was filled with joy, music, and love. From our youngest children to our senior group, we all treasured celebrating God’s family. Since we are meeting at different locations on Sundays, we do not have much opportunity for all brothers and sisters to come together regularly. That’s why we really treasure this day that we can meet and talk with everyone, some of whom we have not seen for a while. Each group involved and contributed by preparing a song, dance, or whatever they found best

My first missionary trip – Haydrian Wen (Alpha)

Hi everyone! I am happy I can have my first missionary trip after getting baptized. I feel very happy that I can go to San Jose, and that I can meet new brothers and sisters in Bay Area. I feel very welcomed and warm in God’s family. In this trip, I prayed more to the Lord, in the car and in meetings. I also had more personal time and break time throughout the day. I enjoyed having partner time with the brothers in Alpha group. I really enjoyed and gained so much in this trip.

Family Day 2021 Recap

On Sunday, Oct 10th, our whole church came together at the Sunset Community Centre gymnasium to have a Family Fun Day! There was much celebration as all our members can see each other in-person under one roof. Each group expressed their thanksgiving by performing delightful music, songs and dances. We also played and competed in family fun games! From children to seniors, and diverse ethnic groups, we all enjoyed the bountiful love and joy of God’s family. We ended the day with gift giving and a sweet family photo!