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Family Fun Day Recap (August 2022)

 On Sunday, August 21st 2022, we had our whole church Family Day at Sunset Community Centre! It was filled with joy, music, and love. From our youngest children to our senior group, we all treasured celebrating God’s family. Since we are meeting at different locations on Sundays, we do not have much opportunity for all brothers and sisters to come together regularly. That’s why we really treasure this day that we can meet and talk with everyone, some of whom we have not seen for a while. Each group involved and contributed by preparing a song, dance, or whatever they found best

Improve and Please Him – John Leung (Mighty Team)

Last Wednesday’s meeting was encouraging.  I was proud to see brothers and sisters from different groups and ages who will go on missionary trips to support the global ministry.  However, I was also reminded that supporting the local ministry is just as important.   The message that night reminded me to resume practices that I’ve dropped, such as listening to messages, reading the bible more consistently, and sharing in Friday night meetings at least once a month–a goal that I set before the pandemic. These practices will help me to improve and please God, and to better support and edify brothers

Taking up my shield of faith and shouting for joy – John Leung (Mighty Team)

I’ve been practicing taking up my shield of faith and shouting for joy after Violin’s recent Wednesday message about overcoming the enemies throughout the day. Before, I’d shout for joy only when watching sports, but it was challenging to do so as a spiritual practice. I was either too nervous to practice, or that I needed many reminders during “shout for joy” time on Mondays because of lack of daily practice. Negative feelings consumed me after I sprained my ankle a couple weeks ago, just like when I had my knee injuries earlier this year. However, a sister’s sharing about

The Big Move – John Leung (Mighty Team)

Give thanks to brothers and sisters for helping me move residences last Saturday! They helped through prayers, lending a moving truck, providing tools to disassemble and reassemble my desk, loading and unloading my items, and to clean my previous rental suite for the handover. Best of all, give thanks to God for pausing the rain during the move! While God had blessed my previous rental suite, which was supposed to be temporary, He remembered that I needed a more permanent housing that is above ground and closer to transit and amenities. After being on the subsidizing housing list for over

I held a disability awareness workshop at RCC! – John Leung (Mighty Team)

I want to thank the StepUp Program leaders for giving me the honor to lead a workshop on disability awareness in March! I was initially nervous about the idea. I never led a workshop before, I disliked public speaking, and I felt embarrassed and ashamed to share my experience as a person with a disability to a group of youths. However, God knew my needs, and He blessed the workshops that were held over two Sundays. He gave me this opportunity to achieve my goal of building up my confidence in speaking to a large group. Moreover, I was overwhelmed

Thank you, brothers and sisters! – John Leung (Mighty Team)

I want to thank brothers and sisters–especially the Mighty Team–for their prayers and support for the past few weeks. I fell and bruised my kneecap in early February, and I’m still recovering from other conditions that affected both of my knees. I have received their love and care during this time: prayers, messages of encouragement, personal follow-ups, home visits, lunch deliveries, car rides to and from Marine Drive, getting or carrying items for me, and reminders to ask for others to pray for me. The last one was difficult because I don’t like to burden others, but recent Friday night

Family Day 2021 Recap

On Sunday, Oct 10th, our whole church came together at the Sunset Community Centre gymnasium to have a Family Fun Day! There was much celebration as all our members can see each other in-person under one roof. Each group expressed their thanksgiving by performing delightful music, songs and dances. We also played and competed in family fun games! From children to seniors, and diverse ethnic groups, we all enjoyed the bountiful love and joy of God’s family. We ended the day with gift giving and a sweet family photo!

Love Hopes all Things – Beth Banh 

Recently I’ve been inspired by the story behind this beautiful sunflower now growing in my garden. It started off with a simple science experiment for my son’s school.  The seed did indeed sprout in the plastic bag, but it had turned mouldy and disgusting. I was ready to throw it in the garbage, but my mom convinced me to try to plant it in soil to see what would happen. To our surprise, the mouldy sprout grew well and grew strong despite my lowest expectations for its survival. Now it stands six feet tall and the flower is blossoming with

The Love of Christ Connects Us All – Katy Lee Law 

The ones who impressed me the most in the India/Nepal special meeting was the Delhi Team.  Even though they didn’t actually speak much, their ministry spoke volumes about their love for God and brothers and sisters. In the past month, I feel like I’ve gotten to know them better and I love them more. Every Indian brother or sister who shared basically mentioned them. They are doing so, so much for the Lord. They are influencing hundreds and soon thousands! How glorious! When I was driving home from the meeting and thinking of them, I felt that I was getting