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Reflecting on 2022 – John Leung (Mighty Team)

2022 was a rollercoaster year that resulted in many breakthroughs. I give thanks to brothers and sisters’ care and support to overcome negative thoughts while I was sick or injured.  Through their encouragement, I overcame my shyness to share my spiritual gains on Friday and Sunday meetings, and on the church blog.  From there, God gave me the confidence to share my testimony in numerous Gospel Chatrooms and at the in-person gospel meeting.  I also inspired many with my life story on overcoming struggles for the StepUp Program and English Up Up Up. I treasure that I could edify brothers

義賣的背後—神化妝的祝福 – Candy Chan (Canaan)


這是平凡而又美好的一天 – Anna Chen (Morning Star)

晴天,陽光照遍全地 初雪點綴秋色 葉子,微風中輕搖曳 就似向我在微笑 這是平凡而又美好的一天 全世界都給我歡樂 我是何其美好,何其可悅 在主裡平安喜樂 雨點雲中輕輕落下 親吻草木花卉 雨聲嘀嗒嘀嗒嘀嗒 就似與我在合唱 這是平凡而又美好的一天 全世界都因我歡樂 我在讀著聖經,與主親近 使主心歡暢喜樂 曲:Anna Chen 詞:Anna Chen

We Are On the Winning Side – John Leung (Mighty Team)

I was late to yesterday’s fasting prayer meeting, and I felt accused because I would only enjoy half the meeting before I’d be driven home.  I thought, “Wouldn’t it be easier to stay home instead of bothering someone to drive me home?” However, listening to Violin’s “New Creation” message series from last year helped me to reaffirm why I was going to the meeting–I want to have fellowship with God and with brothers and sisters, and I told God that. We sang “We Are On the Winning Side” when I arrived.  I felt that God was comforting me through the

Abundant Trip in Vietnam – Azra Kong (Alpha)

I give thanks that my whole family can join the Vietnam Mission trip this summer. The whole trip only lasted for 10 days, but it was already very abundant. The first few days in the camp were mainly for brothers and sisters who came from different countries to have training together.  The Vancouver team shared how coworkers pursue together, how we do the gospel work, how we consider before the Lord in ministry, etc. I truly give thanks that the Lord has given us a way to take up His commission. What we have done and experienced in the Lord

Shouting for Joy – Katy Lee Law (Mighty Team)

This summer, I’ve started to practice shouting for joy every day.  Every morning I joyfully give thanks for different things the Lord has done in my life or will do for me (His promises).  For example, I’ll shout for joy for how He has changed me. Or how He will continue to help me become more and more glorious. I find that there are so many reasons to shout for joy every day!  It has helped my faith a lot to repeat these truths every day. I can see that it goes beyond just positive thinking. It is based on

My Royal Position in God’s Kingdom – John Leung (Mighty Team)

Watching Brother Fish’s message about God’s glory and the church on Friday reminded me that I’m a priest who’s close to God, and a pending king who will bless many. God has the best timing for this replayed message: the Queen of England has just passed, and a new king would be crowned. I find these events significant because I respect the royal family. However, knowing my position in God helps me to treasure myself more and to improve for Him, so I may fulfill my royal duties in God’s kingdom.

My First Break-Bread Meeting – Leon Lee (Mighty Team)

In the Global Phone Sing, we are sharing our first experience/ feeling joining break bread meeting. I was invited to join this meeting a few days after I had accepted the Lord. I was given a brief introduction to what the bread and cup meant. It was difficult for me to enjoy the whole meeting because I was a new believer and most of the brothers and sisters were Chinese speaking even though I had a brother translating to English for me. Not only that, I felt very cold because all the windows in that room were wide open (this

這道是神賜給這流的! – Cally Leung (Toronto)

感謝神,今年八月有機會在溫哥華和弟兄姊妹一同學習、追求!當中有很多難忘的敬拜,開眼的聚會,以及主一次一次愛的顯現!   聚會中主很大的同在, 弟兄姊妹的渴求和懂得如何和聖靈配合,成就了一次又一次難忘的相聚!這些有「份量」的聚會,使弟兄姊妹更渴求主,在平日定下目標,更想和主近, 也成就了下一次的聚會更好、更豐富!   暑期間有很多追求聚會,也有更多team, 無論是實體還是網上,弟兄姊妹都是很渴求。有弟兄姊妹請假半日, 有的轉半職,為求參追求聚會。弟兄姊妹心靈的飽足和湧流,使他們在面對生活中的種種時力上加力,也在已經肩負很多事奉時,心仍想為主愛更多!   這裏見証着無論男女老幼,無論是初信,或信主一段日子,都能走永生路、完工路,都能深深經歷神!難忘一次參加長者敬拜訓練,哥哥姊姊的敬拜很感動我!單單十幾分鐘的敬拜已令我感動流淚!他們在敬拜中的長進和喜樂,單待在他們身邊也可以感受到!   這路不是一個人帶出來的, 是神賜給這流的!我們不是跟從人,真的!我們在跟從神!祂要用每一個,但每一個要深深經歷祂!   這次旅程使我更能看見那幅大圖畫!明白以往學的一點一滴都是滙聚在一條簡單的路上:享受祂和愛祂!從心思,生活日程,聚會的安排,一切為着更得着祂,以致可以愛祂,更愛祂!   很開心可以見証到溫哥華教會在質量和數量上的復興!這也是我們的家!渴望全地都有這樣的復興!   將榮耀歸與神!祂最配!