Adults & Family

More free to ask for support – Mark Wong

I was quite sick and weak at work last Wednesday. I phoned a brother and asked him if we could pray about my sickness. In the past, I did not feel comfortable to ask for help as I felt I was not welcomed by others. After praying, I felt more awake. Later, I talked to another brother and prayed briefly again for my health because I still felt a bit sick. At last I was able to finish my work. I am glad that I feel more free to ask for help.

I found true joy – Mayeth Navarro

Before I believed in the Lord, I was really bad to my family and to myself. I was a very stubborn daughter to my mom. I always argued with her. I talked back, but what she really didn’t like about me was the fact that I was lesbian. I always hung out with my “girlfriend”. It was my third year of high school. I was never serious about my studies. I just liked to hang out with my classmates and my girlfriend. I learned to drink and go to disco with them and wasted my allowance there. I also ran

I was bought by costly grace – Margaret Huang

I feel very encouraged today by knowing how (all the details) Jesus died on the cross. His cruel punishment on the cross really made me feel how blessed I am. He suffered all so that I can be saved and be close to Him. I’m truly bought by His costly grace. I should always be a thankful person.

Dinner gathering at my place, so abundant! – Alison Chan

We treasure the time we gather together as a family. We enjoy sharing our yummy food. Look what a feast we have! Much more, we enjoy sharing from our hearts our gains, our joy as well as our challenges. We are one another’s support and encouragement. Sisters, thank you!