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Gaining Much in Pursuing Together

I enjoyed so much worshiping with sisters this morning! I felt that I’m so precious and special to the Lord. Before I knew Him, life was so empty. But with Him in my life, I feel so meaningful and joyful! We can fight battles for Him! Yay! At lunch we shared our new anchor points. Got so much encouragement! Tips from one another too. Living with the Lord is so free and enjoyable! – Alison Chan I enjoyed the family time with some sisters at Alison’s place today. When we worshiped together, I treasure that I have a part in

My 4th Year in Vancouver – Mayeth Navarro

Last Friday was my 4th anniversary in Vancouver. Although my first three years were wasted away, God still raised me up in this last year. I treasure that he wants me to continue to follow Him and do His will. I feel that this is His love for me, and He has a plan for me. I want to love Him more and more. I want to live a close relationship with Him.

I Treasure My Relationship with the Father – Beth Banh

Talking about your identity, in this society, people do care about your titles, what you do, etc. But those will fade away. I found that my relationship with the Father is the most important. When I take a walk with my son Owen, I do short prayers and short worship. It helps! I’m at least spiritually alive.

Enjoy Phone Prayer – Elise Choi and Mavy Chu

I have phone prayer with Mavy every week. We started enjoying the Seven Treasures of Abba. Last night we read John 3:16, then worshipped Abba accordingly and prayed for the needs of ours and the church. Though it was not long, we tasted Abba’s highest love to us and minded the things that the Lord cared for. I enjoyed this time with her. (Elise) I feel the presence of God when I worship and pray with Elise over the phone. He really delights in us coming before Him. (Mavy)

From Homeless to Home

It was a unique experience to volunteer at Salvation Army Belkin House, whose mission is to “break the cycle of homelessness”. We were excited to see a line of people waiting outside the cafe to be served snacks (even the chef said most residents might have gone outside for some sun). I noticed that some people were quite hesitant. Their eyes and tones made me wonder about their stories behind. I hope the smiles on our faces and our cheerfulness could bring them some “light and love”. It was a great reward hearing their “thank you” before they left the

Hunger for Love – Alice Jiang

We served snacks to the residents of Salvation Army Belkin House. At first, I wanted to introduce Light and Love Home and tell them what we do. But when I really tried to show my love and care for these people, I started to feel connected with them. They really need love.

More blessed to give than to receive – Alison Chan

We are so happy that the package we sent to our church in Tarlac (Philippines) has arrived! See how happy Siu Ling was when she got our big box. It’s our love and support to the church in Tarlac. Thanks to Vancouver brothers and sisters’ donation and contribution. Your giving has become a blessing to others. Hear the feedback from coworkers’ in Tarlac: Siu Ling is so excited w the box that we need to wait for all the Chinese coworkers together to open the boxes. It is really funny that many things we do not expect would be in

More free to ask for support – Mark Wong

I was quite sick and weak at work last Wednesday. I phoned a brother and asked him if we could pray about my sickness. In the past, I did not feel comfortable to ask for help as I felt I was not welcomed by others. After praying, I felt more awake. Later, I talked to another brother and prayed briefly again for my health because I still felt a bit sick. At last I was able to finish my work. I am glad that I feel more free to ask for help.

I found true joy – Mayeth Navarro

Before I believed in the Lord, I was really bad to my family and to myself. I was a very stubborn daughter to my mom. I always argued with her. I talked back, but what she really didn’t like about me was the fact that I was lesbian. I always hung out with my “girlfriend”. It was my third year of high school. I was never serious about my studies. I just liked to hang out with my classmates and my girlfriend. I learned to drink and go to disco with them and wasted my allowance there. I also ran