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Gain From Lunchtime Zoom Worship – John Leung

I treasure how God’s continuous molding and guidance, along with brothers and sisters’ support, have helped me to be more glorious during a recent lunchtime Zoom worship.  Through singing “You in My Life” and “What I have Gained Is So Beautiful,” I thanked God for being in my life and that He uses me to bless others.  This worship also reminded me of the recent Sunday messages on overcoming temptations, especially regarding “iron sharpening iron.” When brothers and sisters reminded me to correct wrong concepts or to improve in certain areas, I would feel offended and talk back at them

Encouragements from Elders and Deacons’ Sharing – John Leung (Mighty Team)

The elders and deacons’ sharing during the meeting when Paul was ordained as an elder encouraged me.  Like those who shared, I also have limitations and feel unworthy to do God’s ministry.  I often think that others are more significant and capable than I am because they can do more, while I’d only be a burden and disappointment. Through the sharings, I learned that the elders and deacons aren’t superhumans with exceptional capabilities.  However, they didn’t let their weaknesses or limitations define them.  They became who they are now because they love God and rely on Him to overcome limitations

I’m a Blessing! – Katy Lee Law (Mighty Team)

Lately I’ve been experiencing the effect of one good thought and truth, which is that I’m a blessing to others. Before I do different tasks, I try to remind myself that I’m blessing others.  It not only helps me to not complain about the tasks of my day, but it also makes every task meaningful and reminds me to find ways to really bless others. So when I’m cleaning the washrooms and mopping the floor, I think, “My family is so blessed to have me.” Before I start my work day, I think of the colleagues and students I will

禱告注意與主交流 – Angela Lin (Morning Star)


Feel easy and light to pray – Leslie Wu (Morning Star)

After Violin’s recent message on the daily prayer, I made slight modifications which helped me to pray with more burden. Before praying each part, I would consider what are my needs or what do I really want rather than going on auto mode. This way my prayers are more desire driven, hence increasing my burden and passion, yet at the same time I feel easy and light. I also feel more connected to the Lord when I pray.

My heart feels peaceful when I pray steadily – Wendy Kuang (Morning Star)

After I started praying steadily recently, I feel that I have the presence of the Lord every day, and I have the care and protection of the Lord. I feel my heart is getting closer to the Lord’s heart. Every time I was irritable, I turned to the Lord, and prayed. I felt extremely peaceful in my heart afterwards. I know that He could hear my prayers at any time.

My Sustained Habit of Washing Dishes Promptly – John Leung (Mighty Team)

Since January, I have been washing dishes soon after meals. I used to let dishes soak in the sink while I spent time on my computer. Through brothers and sisters’ reminders, I realized that washing dishes promptly means being sanitary and helps me to overcome procrastination and be more responsible. The recent messages on Wednesdays about going from glory to glory encouraged me to continue on building this habit. Even though I’d have negative thoughts when I  struggle to sustain a habit or goal, I can improve little by little with diligence, commitment, and effort. Moreover, both God and brothers

星星陪我坐飛機 – Anna Chen (Morning Star)

神的創造真的很美很奇妙,原來在平流層上看到的星星有那麼多那麼亮,密密麻麻地佈滿整個天空。當雲層把地面城市的燈光遮住的時候,在天上看星星顯得特別亮。近視的我看到亮的星星已經有很多,還有很多是我看不清或者看不見的。原來在我以為漆黑一片的夜空,神為我預備了這麼多這麼美的星星。我之前看不見,不能怪神沒有預備啊!神早已在背後默默地預備著一切,只是我站的高度限制了我的視野。也因為溫哥華太冷,我晚上沒有站出去抬頭看星星。 在飛機上一直重複聆聽 ”Rising Star”(中文版《讓我發光亮》),真的好應景。我們不用怕又深又長的黑夜,夜越黑,星星越亮。我不需要做黑夜裡最閃亮的星,只需要與弟兄姐妹一起發著光,共同照耀和點綴著夜空就行。眾星閃耀的天空更美。

Sharing from Silicon Valley camp December 25-31, 2022 (Part 3)

James Leung In this pursuit camp, I learned we should have a good schedule instead of loose time. I want to have more time to shout for joy every day. I want to share my areas of improvement with brothers and sisters, so they can keep me accountable. Yanmi Leung I give thanks I could join this camp to pursue with brothers and sisters. I learned how to design a good schedule, have free but not loose time, take short breaks (reading, walk, etc) throughout the day, shout for joy, and read the Bible (ups and downs). I want to