India Mission trip – Patrick Syn (Garden)

I am touched to see many coworkers rise up in North India regardless of age and gender even though India is a more male-dominant country. I am sure that we are on the right path to spread the biblical truth to them, and we can walk it out together. God is indeed leading this movement closer to His heart and I am blessed to have a part in it.

Making my life simpler – Kerry Chuah (Alpha)

This is my second time going to India. I always knew that I had a lot in my life, and often more than sufficient. I was always thankful for what the Lord had provided to me. This time, after the trip, I have a stronger desire to live a more simple life. Living in India in a very modest way made me very close to God. There were not a lot of things on my mind, but only God and His work. After coming back home, I decided not to get a hand blender for my daily breakfast, but to

Hopeful in my ministry! – Amy Deng (Promised Land)

In the South India Coworkers Camp, my eyes were opened for how we can co-work more with God. I learned that when we pray for ministry, it’s not just about entrusting the matters or people to God, or waiting for God to do something somehow. But it is an active consideration before God to see how I can do more to help the situation or people. In this context, when we read about the parable of the sower in Matthew chapter 13, I realized that for the seeds that fell along the path, on rocky ground, or among the thorns,

The importance of knowing and walking out the truth – Alice Jiang (Garden)

In the South India camp, I heard many local brothers and sisters share their painful experiences in joining the break-bread meeting before knowing us. One sister, Johnsy shared that every time she went to the break-bread meeting, she was asked to confess her sins one by one. She felt very ashamed when she recalled her sins. She covered her head crying and wanted to run away. Later, through us she learned the truth such as knowing Abba and the Lord’s true image, and Their heart and love for her. She is happy and more free to join the break-bread meeting

Treasure the Unity With Brothers and Sisters – John Leung (Mighty Team)

I had deep feelings during the recent Friday night meetings when we talked about unity of the church.  I know that I’m not alone as a Christian, as I have experienced brothers and sisters’ continuous encouragement and support.  I also knew that I’ll be with the church for eternity, but I now realized that this is no longer just knowledge. I initially felt awkward during the worship practice when I looked at a brother in the eye with a smile, but I treasured him more after expressing my gratitude or blessing him in my heart.  After the message, memories I

Gain From Lunchtime Zoom Worship – John Leung (Mighty Team)

I treasure how God’s continuous molding and guidance, along with brothers and sisters’ support, have helped me to be more glorious during a recent lunchtime Zoom worship.  Through singing “You in My Life” and “What I have Gained Is So Beautiful,” I thanked God for being in my life and that He uses me to bless others.  This worship also reminded me of the recent Sunday messages on overcoming temptations, especially regarding “iron sharpening iron.” When brothers and sisters reminded me to correct wrong concepts or to improve in certain areas, I would feel offended and talk back at them

I Got Baptized! – Nathan Li (Alpha)

I Got Baptized! Recently, I have been going outside to draw near to God. I feel I am closer to God and I just want to stay before God longer. Before, when I had personal time with God, I was just reading the prayers. But now, when I feel the Lord’s love, it’s natural for me to talk and pray to Him. I am ready to follow God for my entire life because He is really my best friend. One day, when my dad asked me to go outside, I didn’t want to because I was lazy. But I still

Encouragements from Elders and Deacons’ Sharing – John Leung (Mighty Team)

The elders and deacons’ sharing during the meeting when Paul was ordained as an elder encouraged me.  Like those who shared, I also have limitations and feel unworthy to do God’s ministry.  I often think that others are more significant and capable than I am because they can do more, while I’d only be a burden and disappointment. Through the sharings, I learned that the elders and deacons aren’t superhumans with exceptional capabilities.  However, they didn’t let their weaknesses or limitations define them.  They became who they are now because they love God and rely on Him to overcome limitations

Shouting for Joy! – Heman Ho (Faithful Team)

I have noticed that my household has been happier in recent days, and I believe this is a result of my mother’s decision to shout for joy regularly. I was surprised when she first did so, but since then, I have realized that it is very normal for us to express our joy. Additionally, I noticed that shouting for joy brings a surplus of benefits to yourself and the people around you. I wish to continue this practice and I’d like to encourage everyone to shout for joy as well. Perhaps doing so will make our families more lively and