Captivated by the Lord’s glory during the bible phone sing – Tuhien 

I really enjoyed the bible phone time this week. When we read John 16:29-22, I was captivated by the Lord’s glory. In the past, I would just be reminded that in the Lord we have peace to overcome tribulations, but this time I realize more how the Lord faced this hour with the Father. The Lord knew the disciples would leave Him alone but He was not alone, and He was full of faith that the Father was with Him to face that hour. I was amazed by the Lord’s faith and comfort to them even when He was to face this tough time ahead.

As I continued my personal time, I wrote this down: 

Lord, You know the hour has come

The disciples will be scattered

They will lose faith 

They will leave you alone

Yet You were full of faith

Not a single thought of self pity

You declare that You are not alone

The Father is with you.

You comfort them 

In You they may have peace

See the hope ahead

You have overcome the world.