“Butterfly Campaign” this Summer at 123

July 15, 2015 – This summer, we have set team times by the canopy at the meeting place (Mon – Fri, 9-10 am and3:30-4:30 pm) for brothers and sisters to gather to have personal and team time. Through setting such conditions, we hope brothers and sisters can worship, pray and draw near to God more. For the first half hour, we will have personal and partner time, then at 9:30 am or 4 pm, we will worship and pray. Afterwards, we can tie a ribbon (“butterfly”) to the fence by the canopy with our name, date and any words to the Lord. So far, many brothers and sisters have enjoyed this break, and the number of ribbons is increasing! You can read their sharings in the blog. This is beautiful in the sight of God and the Church! Let’s be drawn by God more through this “butterfly campaign”!