Breakthroughs in 2014! – Tuhien Trieu

I am very thankful that in the past year 2014, I have improvement in several areas:

1) Personal time/draw near to God: I feel that I can finish the prayer for myself and the ministry almost every day and I also enjoy the Bible reading time. I have read Bible more than the previous years and have enjoyment understanding God’s heart through His words. Often I was enlightened by the Bible and was captivated to read more.
Also, I was able to lay aside my thoughts and burdens to worship God. Every time I worship the Lord or Abba, I deeply experience His love and appearing.

2) Lifestyle: In the past year, I sleep earlier, exercise at least 3 times per week and is more stable in cooking my own meals. I even cook soup at least twice per week. I was also stable in making and eating breakfast before work. I find that as a result, my health has improvement.

3) Ministry: I learned how to pursue with coworkers and how to support and raise up coworkers. I feel closer to the coworkers and can witness our improvements. The coworker dinners have helped me to know the team better, appreciate the strength and recognize the areas to work on. I also learn to consider and get advice from team members to make better decisions.

4) Family: In the past year, I was able to arrange weekly family dinners and even exercise time with my mom. Every time we meet, we would pray. Also, my sister and my twin nieces were able to attend the Christmas fair (It was their first time to attend our church event). My mom has also started to attend the break bread meeting though she is not yet clear in believing in God. I am looking forward to the Lord’s great work ahead in my family in 2015!