Bible Reading Phone Sing – John Leung

I have been joining the Bible reading Phone-Sing every morning for the past two weeks. Through reading Ephesians together with brothers and sisters, I understand more about the importance of the Church to the Lord, and treasure more that I’m His darling who fulfills His love desire.

This Phone-sing session enables me to enjoy His words with precious brothers and sisters to start the day. It helps me to realize that God’s love overshadows the pandemic, and for me to focus on God first instead of the daily government updates. Even though I’d follow the news during the day, I know that God is in control and knows what’s best for the church and the world.

It is also precious to hear brothers and sisters’ voices and see their names on the participation list. I could even recognize voices of those from other districts who I’ve never met, and I feel connected with them through pursuing the truth together. Even though there is social distance, but there is no spiritual distance.