Best Companion – Kerry Li

I am having my practicum to be an early childhood educator in a day care centre that has very good reputation. This makes me very stressful, because I’ve never worked full time before and I have to achieve the center’s requirement in order to graduate.

Then, I got a flu from the center, and I had to rest at home until I fully recover. During the two days resting at home, I had a fever and I felt dizzy. I felt like I was dying, I could not eat and could not walk. But there was a miracle this morning. I wanted to get a cup of water from the kitchen. At that moment, my body was exhausted and I was about to faint. I was not able to cry for help or do anything. The only thing I could do was praying in my heart to the Lord for help, “Lord, save me”. Gradually, I was able to walk to my bed.

During these two days, I talked to the Lord a lot more than usual, because as a sick person, I could only lie on the bed and rest. When I was sick, I missed my family and friends in China so much. I wanted people whom I love and care to be around me to comfort me, talk to me, support me and understand my feeling.The Lord truly understood me and He talked to me and comforted my heart. He said, “I am with you. I understand your feeling. Do not worry about anything. What you need to do is trusting in me. I love you.” His words melt my heart, and I thought of my past experiences, which were full of great blessing from the Lord. He is truly the best companion in my life.