Benefits of reading spiritual books – Maggie Chen

Lately I read Faith Meditation is the Bridge to Worship and Enjoyment (the book is in Chinese). It talked about some key points such as:
-importance of guarding the mind (i.e. protect and lay aside things that distract my mind)
-realize the Lord is here with me, face to face with Him
-realize the truth (i.e. say “It’s true!”)
-personalize (i.e. a personal relationship with the Lord)
Reading the book, with in depth explanation on these points, helped me a lot in my prayers and worship. I am much more clear and fine tuned about the processes of meditation to enter into worship. I practice these points every day when I have my personal worship and prayers. I am more and more able to focus and can enter into worship faster. My mind becomes clearer about guidance of the Lord in worship and I can have quality fellowship with the Lord each time. This also leads me to realize the Lord’s presence with me more often throughout the day.