Be Strong, and Love More – Amy Deng (Faithful Team)

This trip to India was very special, because I felt the Lord’s personal encouragement and guidance on how to improve in ministry. When we first realized that Violin was not going to be able to join the camp in India, it dawned on the team that we would have to take up more. That next morning, when I started to pray for India, the camp and the upcoming meeting during my personal time, thoughts and worries about my performance started to come. What if I did not know the needs of brothers and sisters well enough? What if I gave the other team members a bad impression on the Vancouver team if I didn’t do well for leading the meeting or arranging things? But when I focused back on the Lord again, He reminded me and encouraged me that I am there to love brothers and sisters, not to look at how they see me. I should consider what would benefit them, and not be scared to do it, even if I don’t have much experience in doing those tasks. The focus should be about them, and God, not about me. This realization really set me free. I felt I had strength and courage to step up more, because I knew I loved the Lord, and I loved the ones that He loves. Therefore if I focus on loving brothers and sisters, I will be able to feel their needs and fill as much as I can.


Throughout the camp, I continued to practice turning my attention to brothers and sisters, and seeing what else I can do to support the meeting or help them to experience God or this family more. Now, I feel I have a bigger capacity to love and care for brothers and sisters. Even now that we have parted for more than two weeks, I still feel a deep connection to the brothers and sisters in the camp, and I miss them so much!