Barbecue Gospel Corner – Elise Choi

Mighty Men and Eternal Spring had a barbecue on Sept 14th Sunday late afternoon. At first, only ten brothers and sisters signed up but at the end there were about twenty people, including four new friends (two ladies and two men) ! This time, brothers and sisters took more initiative and were ready to talk to new friends about the Lord.

While we were waiting for food, some sisters and a new friend sat in a circle to sing hymns together. We started with Amazing Grace, then Only Jesus. After that it’s very natural for us to share about our testimonies and a sister preached the full gospel to the new friend. After she finished sharing the gospel, a young believer took initiative to share about her own changes after accepting the Lord as her Saviour. She used to be sad but now she always smiles. Though the new friend didn’t believe at the moment, we can keep in touch with her as she will join our cooking class on Saturday.

In another group, two sisters were able to talk to the other new friend about the Lord and the conversation went well. She will volunteer on Sunday.

I find that when we pray more and brothers’ and sisters’ hearts are more ready, the Lord opens wide gospel door for us.