Asia Pacific Camp 2019 – Sharon Chan (Hong Kong)

Sharon Chan (Hong Kong)

I was very touched after the message about motivation. I saw God’s need for my love and response and I found that I have a need to always stay connected with Him and to be transformed in Him so that I can really understand what He feels and wants.

Thanks to the Lord for showing us His commission. The momentum of this Biblical Church Revival Movement in these 50 years is very impressive when I saw a brother who took part in the early stage in this movement in Hong Kong is now serving in Indonesia, brothers and sisters from South India who just learnt of this movement for a few months and those from other regions were grouped together in this camp.  It’s so beautiful that we, with different background, culture and age, learnt and practice together the right path which can keep our hearts revived and renewed every day.

In the camp, we were always get encouraged and reminded through the life examples of brothers and sisters, sharing on their attitude changes and improvements during the meeting, team time and partner time. I was further encouraged to plan and live a more disciplined life so that my whole person could be more ready to respond to God.  Also, I was inspired that I can spend my time, even a second, more wisely on living with Him and for Him from morning to dusk, and I would like to be a good partner of brothers and sisters.