Asia Pacific Camp 2019 – Karine Wong (Hong Kong)

My world vision for His will has become clearer during this AP camp. The first meeting has been influencing me until now. Co-workers from 13 different countries striving for the Lord and His will came together to pursue Him. I can see that it would be a great impact for the entire Asian regions when we all spread what we gained in this camp.

For me, that insight of mine mentioned above enhanced my own willingness to take up more in ministry. I have been striving for the Lord. However, for those ministry areas I did not want to involve, I chose to escape and felt so comfortable doing those ministry areas I would like to. After the camp, I realized more that if I involved more on those areas I was not willing to involve, I would be able to help His work move faster to the world. I want to improve, though honestly it may not be easy for me.

Moreover, I told the Lord that my heart is willing to continue to expand my territory to other countries one day (though may not be now) according to His guidance.