Asia Pacific Camp 2019 – Judy Fung

Judy Fung (South Korea)

In the AP camp, my vision, motivation, and foundation have been renewed. I saw a global family, the family that satisfies God and men the most, the core of God’s plan and will. I recalled why I first decided to offer more time serving the Lord: His personal love to me and the need of God and men. I was reminded to offer my daily life to God, to live by Him, live to Him, live with Him, and live for Him.

Also, I see the importance of partner/team pursue and support, which have been lacking in my spiritual pursuit. I plan to connect and pursue more with brothers and sisters. Though many of us have to return to our own ministry field where there may not be as many co-workers, we left knowing that we are God’s global finishing team, supporting and praying for one another, building together the church after God’s heart all over the world!


參加這次同工營後,我的異象、動機、根基都更新了。我看見全地一家,這家最滿足神和人,也是神心意計劃的核心。我回想當初為何決定專心事奉,原因就是主對我個人的愛,以及神和人的需要,激勵了我。我也被提醒,要將自己每天的生活獻給神,因祂而活,向祂而活,與祂同活,為祂而活。 另外,我看見同伴和團隊時光真的很重要,但這正是我追求中所缺乏的。所以,我計劃與弟兄姊妹有更多聯繋,一起追求。雖然我們返到自己事奉的地點,未必有很多同工,但我們知道,我們在全地,是神的完工團隊,彼此支持,互相代禱,在世界各地一同建造合神心意的家!