Asia Pacific Camp 2019 – Joel (Ambang, Malaysia)

After this AP camp, I understand more about the motivation, vision and foundation in life in order to go for the Lord.

In this camp, I deeply experienced the Lord’s personal love. He gave Himself for me (one and most conclusive thing). This is my biggest motivation to work and live according to His will.

Also, I should see what the Lord sees. I find that I really lack this way of thinking and sight in my life. I should help myself to have this vision.

Speaking of foundation, now I know that it is not just Bible study, but also the relationship with brothers and sisters, and the daily schedule arrangements. I decide to clean my “spiritual” house, starting from a small corner, and to build up my daily schedule.

Now I am much clearer about the practice of having partner time. I especially enjoyed the partner time with Bishwajit (a brother from Nepal) in the camp. Having partners of the same age group and similar situation can encourage each other and grow together in this everlasting way.