Asia Pacific Camp 2019 – Gyanendra Giri (Nepal / Hong Kong)

Gyanendra Giri (Nepal / Hong Kong)

The AP camp in Singapore was an eye-opening camp to me. I understood and experienced what sweet daily living really is.

I was touched to tears many times during the meetings after deeply realizing the living way the Lord has given to this movement, and that is to

Live to Him,

Live by Him,

Live with Him, and

Live for Him.

It’s not as theoretical but true experience. Now I am back to Hong Kong after the camp, but I review again and again those messages and important truths. I am so much enlightened and I determine to live with the Lord.

I understand the preciousness and importance of Sweet Daily Living. I totally understand that it’s not a program but a real life. It is a practice of godliness and spiritual discipline.

I treasure more God’s family, and I treasure more His Commission. I have a heart not only WANT His will but to get myself READY for Him.

Now I have a clear vision: to love Him and His will. I also have motivation as the love of Christ compels me. He loved me and gave Himself for me. So I have to build the foundation, and that is by Sweet Daily Living.

To conclude, I am more confirmed God has commissioned us and chosen us in this generation to love Him, be close to Him and bring forth a lasting revival in unity!