An abundant trip to Calgary – Amy Deng (Promised Land)

Over the Easter long weekend, my family and I went to support the church in Calgary along with some brothers and sisters from Vancouver. We held some children and volunteering programs there. I was amazed by the enthusiastic responses of the families that came to join us! Many of them were only referrals from acquaintances who didn’t know us before. However, after the first day, some who only signed up for one day decided to come back again. The teens that joined the volunteering workshops were so pure and willing to involve themselves – they kept asking, “When will you have ongoing volunteering opportunities?” All of their responses encouraged our team so much! I can see God’s passionate heart to establish the work in Calgary.

On a more personal note, when I was praying about this trip to Calgary, the Lord reminded me about a high school classmate who had moved to Calgary many years ago. I had not really kept in contact with. I had the thought to see if I could connect with her again, and introduce her to the church in Calgary. We had a good meetup on Friday, and I found out that she had become a Christian in our last year of high school, but stopped attending meetings in recent years. She attended our Sunday meeting, and I could see that she enjoyed God’s presence and fellowship with brothers and sisters. Actually when I was still in high school, I had the burden to help her to know God too, but I felt too scared; however, God did not forget, and after all these years, He still used me to call her back to Him. I felt God’s tenderness to me, and His faithfulness to her. It also encourages me to continue to wait on the Lord, and be ready to cooperate with Him.