An abundant camp in London, UK!

Thanks to the Lord for His grace and blessings in our London visit to support the English fellowship coworkers and bless the young generation there. After a year of weekly Skype support for the coworkers since the New York gathering in 2013, the Vancouver team went to London with many prayers to support the group to enter another stage. We faced obstacles in our journey to London. In the process of applying for the visa to Congo, Violin’s passport was lost at the Congo embassy in Ottawa. After prayers from many brothers and sisters all over the world, she received her passport 3 days before the departure. We were very busy in Vancouver, yet we felt the need to visit the London English fellowship.

In the short span of 7 days of gatherings, we experienced the Lord leading us to Christ, to deeply experience God and to walk forward in this glorious movement! The presence of God, the messages from Violin, and the involvement of brothers and sisters in the meeting really brought forth a revival. Coworkers and younger brothers and sisters’ heart were drawn after the Lord and the Church. Many brothers and sisters learned how to talk to God, understood God’s great work in our Church history and the needs of the world. Though we had meetings every day, yet we also had leisure walks, team time, an outing, a game of Rounders at Brockwell Park, and even a baptism meeting (2 younger brothers were baptized!). Every day was full of joy! During one meeting, even a 4-year-old boy was captivated by our joy and asked his mom, “Why so happy?”

Now the coworkers and younger brothers and sisters are more clear and confident to carry out God’s commission every day. Every day, we strive to be close to the Lord and Abba! The London English Fellowship will continue the support of Liverpool, Northampton and Birmingham brothers and sisters. Please continue to pray for their progress.


感謝主的恩典和祝福,保守我們倫敦的一程,使我們得以支持當地英語團契的同工,並成為年青弟兄姐妹的祝福。自從去年紐約大團聚,我們每星期都會透過Skype與處倫敦教會英語團契同工相聚。溫哥華團隊帶著弟兄姐妹們的禱告和祝福往倫敦,鼔勵當地的弟兄姐妹邁進新階段。然而,我們往倫敦的旅程遇到阻礙。信蓮早前申請剛果簽證,( 倫敦一程後她要前往剛果)駐渥太華大使館卻遺失了她的護照!世界各地的弟兄姐妹懇切禱告,信蓮終於在出發前三天收到她的護照。雖然我們在溫哥華非常忙碌,但我們切實感受需要探訪倫敦英語團契。