All Things Work Together for Good All Things Work Together for Good – Katy Lee Law

Though the recent pandemic has restricted me and my children physically in the past few weeks, I’ve found these weeks surprisingly enjoyable. I find that my capacity has even increased. I have more quality time to spend with my children and we have set a very nice schedule for our every day. Both the children and I have Zoom meetings at different times of the day every day, including family fellowship with two other families, exercise time, Smarties fellowship time, and worship/bible reading/parent training time for me. I’ve also been able to add additional Spanish ministry now, because the online meetings have helped us connect more people more often. I’m helping to lead a bread breaking worship and cell group in Spanish. It almost feels like I’m on a missionary trip again!

It hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows, so to speak. The kids don’t always get along or don’t always give me a quiet environment to enjoy personal time; but it’s helping me to be more active to ask for wisdom and think of ways to help my kids and to help myself. For example, the kids couldn’t seem to play by themselves for long enough for me to enjoy even a half-hour Zoom meeting. One day, the Lord reminded me to have some time to play with them right before the Zoom meeting. It worked wonders! (A day later, I found the same tip on a parenting newsletter…it goes to show how God is the best teacher.) These have all been good learning opportunities for us. My kids are learning to have self-control (to not come over before the timer is up), and I’m learning to focus myself better and more quickly to enjoy these short times I can afford. God truly makes use of all things and environments for our benefit!