Adjustments help the teens to enjoy the Bread-Breaking Meeting

August 14 – Thanks to the Lord for the new arrangements for the high school and preteens brothers and sisters. For a long time, they had difficulty voicing out in the English Bread-Breaking Meeting. Since the beginning of August, we started a separate Bread-Breaking Meeting for them and the coworkers (of course, breaking the same bread and drinking from the same cup for the whole church). At first, they had to be helped to voice out taking turns, but they felt good. One by one, they came out of the bread-breaking meeting with smiles and brightness. They expressed, “It was good!” or “I really enjoyed it!” Now they have progressed to voicing out on their own, and even more than once in the meeting. From this arrangement, we learn that when we help brothers and sisters to involve in the meeting, they will experience God more and grow spiritually. We cannot just keep things the same. Making wise adjustments will make a difference. There’s great hope ahead when we see younger brothers and sisters enjoying and experiencing God in the meeting!