Abundant year – Sofia Chau

2014 was quite rewarding for me. It feels like having a plate with many delicacies on it. For certain items, it may taste strange for the first bite, but then you can flavour the richness of it.

I had to put on more faith and see the joy ahead in the many things that I had experienced. This taught me to wait on the Lord with joy and patience. For example, I had to wait for few months for my residency, more than half a year for a job and still waiting, and weeks planning for a couple’s wedding to be successful. Also, I spent time to build friendship with younger sisters, time to build trust with coworkers, and time to build stronger relationships with the people around me. As a result, all the time and effort spent were worth it. I can see that the Lord rewards me because of my faith on Him, especially when I stand up after I fall.

I used to have the wrong concept that if something negative happened, maybe I did something wrong, and God was punishing me. Now I know, some things happen because I need to experience them and learn from them. I give thanks to God for taking care of me and teaching me in every detail of my life.