Abundant Trip in Vietnam – Azra Kong (Alpha)

I give thanks that my whole family can join the Vietnam Mission trip this summer. The whole trip only lasted for 10 days, but it was already very abundant. The first few days in the camp were mainly for brothers and sisters who came from different countries to have training together.  The Vancouver team shared how coworkers pursue together, how we do the gospel work, how we consider before the Lord in ministry, etc. I truly give thanks that the Lord has given us a way to take up His commission. What we have done and experienced in the Lord for the past years can truly help brothers and sisters to understand how to walk on the everlasting way and the finishing way. I give thanks that I can be a part of the Vancouver team and testify how the Lord has changed me and raised me up. I hope that more and more brothers and sisters can breakthrough in their spiritual life and walk on this upward journey together joyfully.

For the last few days in the camp, some new friends joined us as well. At first, we didn’t know how to approach them due to language barriers and other limitations. However, out of my expectation, their responses were very good. In particular, through the life story drama we did every night, they were attracted to believe in the Lord. After I understood more, I realized it was not just a few days’ work. A brother in Vietnam has been contacting and helping these families for many years, and we were just there to help the harvest. I give thanks that the price paid in the Lord would not be in vain. I will continue to pray for Vietnam and hope that the church in Vietnam can continue to expand.