A year of learning – Kerry Ko

I give thanks to God that in 2014 I could serve Him in different areas. I learned to preach more effectively. I took more initiatives to teach spiritually younger ones how to read the Bible and live with the Lord. I prayed more for my ministry, the needs of the church in Vancouver as well as in different cities. In particular, I’m really thankful that I got to serve God and the world through Love Your Neighbour Club. Through the ministry in LYN, I learned to consider things and make plans with details. I learned to be more people-focused rather than task/event-oriented. I also pay more attention to observe how others do things, understand the rational behind, listen to others’ review and feedback. I want to be a wise person who can understand clearly the principles and concepts and at the same time can apply them with flexible approaches. I want to be wise for God for the work is great and time is short. I want to finish His eternal will gloriously and effectively.