A wonderful Spring Break – Katy Lee Law

My Spring Break this year was quite special, not just because I had an extra week off (I’m used to having only one week), but because this year I got to spend time with sisters practically every day! The sisters came to my house almost every day to worship and draw near to God together. We also ate and did fun things together, like making bracelets and visiting a sister at work. After these two weeks, I really feel closer to the sisters and also closer to God! Three of us focused on a theme when reading the Bible, which was meditating on the Lord’s journey from His birth to the Millenium. As we meditated on every part of the Lord’s plan and journey, again and again we were touched by the Lord’s personal love to us. Our natural and automatic response every time was to have a greater desire to love God back and love God more. I think this Spring Break was sweet to us and especially sweet to the Lord!