A unique way to enjoy the treasures! – Thomas Chuah

Recently the Caterpillars group has been exploring the seven wonders of the universe through reading the gospels. Our approach has been unique. When we looked at a treasure, we would read the gospels in parallel as a group. This has let us see a more comprehensive picture of the treasure since the gospels often portray the same events from different angles. Also, certain events are mentioned in some gospels but not others.

Reading the gospels this way helped me to more clearly see the Lord’s love when He faced the cross. He faced a long and painful ordeal from the Garden of Gethsemane all the way until the cross, yet His love for me never wavered. It was steadfast even in the face of the cross. Even when He was being mocked and despised by man, His heart was set on forgiveness and on gaining me. He may be a man, servant, king and God all at the same time, but all of these identities show the same thing: He loves me the most.