A New Stage for the Vancouver Church

September 2019 is a New Stage for the Vancouver Church.

Give thanks to God, who raised up brothers and sisters to bless many.  We ordained elders and deacons according to the Biblical teachings.

At the evening meeting on Sept. 6, Brother Sermon explained “The Elders and Deacons in the Bible” to help us understand the Biblical teaching, and to willingly practice the truth, love this family, and to treasure God’s commission on us, so many more will understand His will.

The Lord is our best role model. Before He was betrayed, He washed the disciples’ feet.  He even offered His life.  Similarly, after His resurrection, He prepared a meal for His disciples. (Ref: Matthew. 20:25-28).  Serving with love is the highest honor.  Elders and deacons are to serve brothers and sisters. They are spiritually mature, they love and take care of God’s family by His will.

That evening, two elders and eleven deacons were ordained.  May God cause the Vancouver church to be a great blessing for the city.



9月6曰晚上聚會中,湘文向全教會詳細講解”聖經中的長老、執事” ;幫助我們明白聖經的教導,又願意遵行真理,愛這個家,珍惜神在我們當中的托負,以致更多人明白神的心意。

主作了我们最美的榜樣,被賣之前,親自洗門徒的腳,甚至捨命;同樣地,復活之後,主為門徒預備年餐。(參:馬太20:25-28)最高榮譽就是愛的服侍, 長老和執事是服侍弟兄姊妹,他們心靈成熟,按主心意愛顧及照管神的家。