A New Creation – Hanae Miura

During the camp, God helped me to see how I can help others to be close to God. I was blind about myself, but God opened my eyes to see myself. I need to live the life of a new creation.

Most of my life I’ve been moulded by the ways of the world and I’ve become very Canadian. For example, I believe in just letting people live however they choose whether they believe in God or not, whether it is good for them or not. I didn’t believe in just letting people be when I was younger because I knew the significance of salvation leading to eternal life or sin which leads to death.

As I grew up, I knew many Canadians believed in freedom of thought and beliefs, having personal rights, and giving people their personal space. I felt that there was nothing I could do to influence people to know and believe in Jesus Christ, so I became passive about telling people about God and His will for them. I decided that I will live close to God myself out of my own choice and will, and if others around me did not choose to do so, it wasn’t my business anymore and I should let them be. However, this concept is not right.

To bless God’s family and to bless the world, I need to change myself and be transformed to be more like the Lord. I cannot be conformed to hold Canadian concepts and beliefs but be a true Christian. I need to live the life of a new creation. I need to live according to God’s truth, deeply believe the truth, and act accordingly. God opened my eyes to see this about myself.

Now, I hope that I can make the effort to change. It is not easy to change something that I have believed and done for many years. In order to bless God’s family and bring people around me to salvation I need to change myself.