A life pattern that helps me to walk out the finishing way – Stephanie Lee

I give thanks for the trip to UK. In this trip the Lord opened my eyes and corrected a wrong concept that has hindered me for many years. At the beginning of the trip, Violin asked us to follow a schedule every day throughout the whole trip. This schedule is based on a good daily life and work pattern that can help me to live out the finishing way. This pattern covers personal time, partner time, team time, break time, actor point, duty (focus & schedule) and corner time. In the past, I just focused on the personal time and didn’t mind if I can do other tasks or duties. Sometimes I even spent the whole day to draw near to God and ignored other duties. However, in this trip, when Violin used the rainbow as an analogy to describe the pattern, I realized that I may only have one or two colours in my rainbow!

Because of my wrong concept, I lacked of many important elements in my life. Though I have a heart to serve the Lord, my capacity was very limited. In addition, I was often late for meetings and procrastinated on many things. Now, I understand that if I can follow this pattern, I will be able to master my life, enlarge my capacity and have full spectrum of colours in my rainbow! Consequently, I will be able to accomplish God’s will effectively. Since we came back to Vancouver, I tried to keep this pattern every day. I found that I am more efficient and I can do more. I even make use of the gap time to do things. I don’t want to waste my time anymore!

I also adjust my concept in shepherding. Now I know that not only I have to ask brothers and sisters to draw near to God, but I also have to help them to live a life which includes all important elements of the commission every day. If I can help brothers and sisters to have this daily living pattern, I am building the church.