A Father that gives unconditional love and knows what is best for each of us – Lam Kwan

Aug 19, 2015
I truly feel blessed by Abba’s love. He has been very patient with me in whole my life. I am the type of person that gets close to others very slowly. I would need lots of time and patient to become very close with someone. I feel that Abba knows my personality and slowly led me closer to him throughout my life. Since Through my life, I went to church a few times. I feel like Abba was slowly introducing me and leading me to the right way. He showed me his unconditional love. Today, I finally drew closer to Abba and can feel his warm smile as I pray everyday. I am very grateful that he treasures me and loves me. With that, I know that I can carry out his wish, to let more people feel his love.