A Family Trip Like No Other – Ida Kong – AP Camp 2019

I give thanks to the Lord that I could have the chance to join the Asia Pacific Camp with my whole family in the Philippines. Through this camp, I wanted my two daughters (aged 9 and 11), my husband and I to experience the Lord deeply and see the need of the world. The camp gave us many gains.

I was greatly inspired by the camp arrangement. Because brothers and sisters were from different parts of the world, I initially thought it would be challenging to get to know so many of them in just one week. However, Violin arranged many fellowship opportunities in an effective way. Not only did we have fellowship through the meetings and worship, but every day, Violin invited different groups of brothers and sisters to share. For example, she invited those who believed in the Lord at the age of 20 or above to come out to share, as well as second generation Christians, those who experienced persecution, those who went on missionary trips for more than 5 months at a time, LLH paid staff, those who were serving God full-time, etc. I found this is a very easy way for brothers and sisters to get to know each other in a very short time. Even though I didn’t talk to each one of them personally, I felt I had already known them all well. I learned that doing ministry is not just based on experience, but I really need to know how to wait on the Lord.

Also, through the message time, it enforced my practice of looking at the Lord more. Not only knowing that the Lord is with me everyday, but to be safeguarded by the truth throughout my whole day. I feel with this practice, I can activate my faith and fly to the Lord more quickly and easily, as I have set the Lord and His word before me. When I put myself in a ready mode, I can be more alert when there’s bad thoughts and accusations coming from the enemy.

Finally, I give thanks that my both daughters mingled so well with young brothers and sisters from the Philippines and other countries. They also enjoyed the camp and learned how to see God. The practice in Vancouver helped them a lot, as they kept voicing out and involving themselves in the sharing time, bread breaking worship and message time. They even performed onstage before many people. Their involvement amazed many. Many brothers and sisters therefore came to ask me about the children ministry in Vancouver. I thank the Lord that He knew our needs and used this trip to help my whole family to know His heart more. May the Lord continue to use us to glorify him in the new year!