A better me! – Vanessa Lu, Grade 12

Before I believed in God, I used to fight a lot with my twin sister. It was so bad that my mom told me to punch a pillow instead of the wall (making a hole in the wall) to release my anger. Yet, hitting a pillow would not be good enough as I would not feel the pain. I couldn’t control my temper and was upset with everyone. I would often cry to sleep. It was difficult for me to trust anyone. Thus, I didn’t have many friends and was a loner. But thank God that He brought me to church and I learn to experience God. I feel closer to God with the help of sisters. Now, I can learn to overcome anger and bad tempers with the Lord. I learn to be a peacemaker and I even apologize to my mom for my behaviors. Believing in God didn’t bring me anything bad, or do any harm to me. Rather, it gave me a wonderful family and it also helped me to become a better me. When coming to Church, you really start to bond with brothers and sisters who really want the best for you. God really changed me and blessed me!