2024 South Africa Camp Sharing – Enoch Cheng (Faithful Team)

I am very grateful to have the honor and opportunity to attend 2024 Camp in South Africa. It was truly abundant. One of the highlights of the camp for me was how the Zambian brothers and sisters changed. I saw how passionate they were to learn about the truth and to keep a good

spiritual discipline such as having no idling time but to be productive always.

I treasure the brothers and sisters very much. Many of them shared about their past experiences in other churches which made them grateful about what they have now in this movement. They are able to be more free before God, to pray to Him without any accusations or

bad feelings. They also had a sense of importance in God’s family where there is no comparison

with others.

On one of their last days in South Africa, a few of them were chosen as new coworkers for the Church of God in Zambia. Each coworker shared that they chose themselves to commit their whole self to give to God to do His work. I was very encouraged that those who were not chosen did not have any bad feelings or any feelings of comparison. Rather, they were

encouraged and sincerely supported the chosen coworkers. After the sharing of the coworkers,

They sang the national Zambian anthem and prayed and encouraged one another afterwards. I felt their unity and desire to bless the whole Zambia. Their unity was not through man’s work or feeling but was from the spirit through faith in God. I was touched to tears to see the brothers

and sisters’ heart and passion towards God. I love and support them from the bottom of my