2024 South Africa Camp Sharing – Caley Ng (Promised Land)

In the camp, we had worship training and learning how to walk out the truths in our everyday life. When brothers and sisters learn to focus, pray with understanding and their spirit, and leave a small gap for God to respond to them, they can experience God deeply. A sister from Mozambique shared with me that she experienced God drawing close to her after she expressed what’s in her heart directly to God: “I love you so so so much”. Another sister from Zambia shared that she could experience God telling her that we are one family. I could sense their joy when they shared. Being able to experience God is our need and desire every day.


We also learnt that we can do God’s commission (Matthew 28:19-20) every day, even if we not on a mission trip. The goals each day help us to live out the essence of His commission – kneel and say sweet words to God, sing a song to Abba and a song to the Lord, give thanks to God for 3 minutes or 10 things, Bible reading, pray for others, and pray for family. These, together with a good schedule, help us to live closely with Him and be equipped for His work.


Having experienced God and learned about His will more, the Zambian youths want to offer themselves to God and rise up to become coworkers of the church. They shared that they took up this position not because they want to become leaders, but that they can serve others more. Afterwards, they gathered to sing their national anthem and pray for their country. I was touched to tears when I listened to them, as I felt their passion to want to bless their country with the gospel and the truths. I believe God will use them greatly to bring a revival to Zambia, Africa and the world!