January 7, 2023

Reflecting on 2022 – John Leung (Mighty Team)

2022 was a rollercoaster year that resulted in many breakthroughs. I give thanks to brothers and sisters’ care and support to overcome negative thoughts while I was sick or injured.  Through their encouragement, I overcame my shyness to share my spiritual gains on Friday and Sunday meetings, and on the church blog.  From there, God gave me the confidence to share my testimony in numerous Gospel Chatrooms and at the in-person gospel meeting.  I also inspired many with my life story on overcoming struggles for the StepUp Program and English Up Up Up. I treasure that I could edify brothers

努力操練,榮耀突破 – Jordan Kwan (Golden)

這幾年間的各種操練,使我更清楚追求的路。操練微笑,是從心思方面著手,一方面停止負面不滿意的感受在心中發展。另外保持向前我的心思,能幫助自己更鬆容地面對不善意批評和態度,學習體恤,為對方辯護。心境變得光明,能從心底裡笑出來。少了痛苦失望的時間和消耗,慳了力量和時間。操練一天難處一天當,幫助自己更即時倚靠主,安心交託不需挨夜,安心睡覺。操練終日與主同行,多轉向主,更敏銳主帶領,不單靠頭腦思想,事奉更輕省。定目標聽信息也幫助我在生活中找到更多時間,並少了在無謂事上浪費時間。在工作上消耗大,不夠能量/糖份會感覺無力頭暈,透過決心聚會禁食幫助自己嘗試衝破以前覺得不可能做到的想法。加上聽歡暢飲食的信息,消防員弟兄的相交也成了我的鼓勵。精神改善了,使自己減少對糖份和咖啡因的依賴,上個月決心戒掉汽水,最近開始調節飲食。從9歲醫生說我有神經衰弱,在聚會中曾是「釣魚高手」,到現在可以整場聚會都有精神,少了分心,在聚會中更吸收。以往10點才能起床,到這兩星期都有穩定參加早上 7:00 的global phone sing. 也因享受到主的欣賞,從以往害羞,交談不敢直視對方,到現在在global phone sing 能開鏡頭用英文相交,這些都是在追求上的突破。

Promised Land Christmas Party – Lena Yang (Promised Land)

To celebrate the best season of the year, our group of energetic youth came together to have a Christmas Party! We played games, ate food, talked and shared with one another, and had a lot of newcomers! We even arranged for a fun gift exchange (in the photo). It was so much fun getting to know more people and enjoy the holidays together. I’m grateful that many helped out, whether in planning and setting up the party, or cleaning up! Welcome others to join our future events!