November 19, 2022

My Gains from Morning Teams – Haydrain Wen (Alpha)

I really enjoy the morning teams with brothers and with Azra, because I can have fellowship time and talk to them. I started the morning teams almost a month ago. I have morning teams from Monday to Friday at 8:20am. What we do in morning teams is to have fellowship and talk. In the fellowship, we read the Bible, pray, and sing songs. For the past few weeks, we have been reading Psalms. I enjoy reading Psalms because they are easier to understand and I can have gains. I’ve gained that the Lord is always with me and He is

My Gains from Morning Teams – Nathanael Li (Alpha)

I want to share about the morning teams that I have had. At 8:20, we read the Bible together and pray. It helps me to understand the Bible more, because sometimes, I cannot understand. One challenge that I have is waking up. Usually, my mom has to wake me up. But I also help myself now by setting an alarm.

We went skating!  – Lena Yang (Promised Land)

This holiday season, Promised Land youth are excited to have many fun events planned and inviting new friends to join us! Recently, we had an Ice Skating event inviting many of the Love Your Neighbour Club members from different campuses. For many, it was their first time on the ice, but everyone helped each other out and it was an enjoyable time for everyone to get to know each other.

神使我們喜笑 – Sonia Chu (Treasure)

上星期是女兒陳旨芊兩歲生日,回顧這兩年的時光,充滿感恩。記得旨芊未出世時,產前檢查一切都好好,醫生說她正常健康。我和先生也時常仔細地為她的身體健康和順利出世禱告。到了女兒出世既時候,醫生抱起她放在我懷中時,身旁的姑娘大叫了一聲。我見到旨芊整條右腿也是黑色的,我心知大件事了。我知道這不是普話的胎痣。與此同時,我想到的就是女兒要起名為陳旨芊。意思是她的出生是滿有神的旨意,也願她一生行出神的旨意。我深信我們之前仔細地為女兒身體禱告,神必聽到。但神容許她有這罕見的病,必定是有神的旨意。 我和先生期望將最好的給旨芊,包括健康快樂的童年和從聖經而來的正確價值觀。我們商量後,先生決定辭去做了11年的工作,專心照顧旨芊,陪她成長。起初我們會擔心因為旨芊特別的外貌,別人會有奇異的目光。但是,看著她一天一天的成長,臉上常常掛著甜美的笑容。她不但成了我們的安慰,也成為許多弟兄姊妹的寵兒,有很多哥哥姐姐的愛。感謝神的看顧和恩典。

Be Strong, and Love More – Amy Deng (Faithful Team)

This trip to India was very special, because I felt the Lord’s personal encouragement and guidance on how to improve in ministry. When we first realized that Violin was not going to be able to join the camp in India, it dawned on the team that we would have to take up more. That next morning, when I started to pray for India, the camp and the upcoming meeting during my personal time, thoughts and worries about my performance started to come. What if I did not know the needs of brothers and sisters well enough? What if I gave

My Trip to India – Blue Ngo (Treasure)

I felt honoured when I received the invitation to join the trip to India. I know this is not somewhere that everyone could go, for the environment can be challenging to endure. I wanted to be prepared and equipped for this trip. I wanted to build good health by doing more exercise and eating more simple and healthy meals. God also encouraged me by opening a way at work so I could change vacations with short notice. He treasures that I can go for Him again after I had my daughter. I learned that many local brothers and sisters also

My Global Family – Jacky Lee (Promised Land)

From this trip to India, I experienced the love and unity of the global family. A practice that helped me a lot was to take a look at brothers and sisters before the start of each meeting, and say to myself, “These are my brothers and sisters; I treasure them a lot.” It helps me to open myself up and feel free to share with them. During my free time, I would often think of brothers and sisters, and I would prepare questions to ask them when we have partner time together. I feel that brothers and sisters are also