September 22, 2022

Summer Mini Fun Fair

Lena (Promised Land) On September 11th, we had our first ever Funfair at RCC! Funfairs have long been a tradition where different groups prepare games, food, performances, and informational booths about our various programs and charity work happening around the world. Not only was this year’s Funfair special because it was the first we’ve had since the pandemic, but also because all the proceeds generated from it would be used to support the Zambia School Building Project. Among all booths, we were especially impressed with the special performance by the younger kids featuring their own skit with acting and voice

微笑使我放鬆 – Joshua Law (Golden )

最近暑期星期日信息講 「一同追求」;特別提到向主微笑。這段期間操練時,我發現當我微笑,就不容易皺眉,再加上抬頭,使我在親近主及聚會中敬拜,更能體會主及祂的挨近。整個人感受鬆了很多,向人也多了笑容。

Abundant Trip in Vietnam – Azra Kong (Alpha)

I give thanks that my whole family can join the Vietnam Mission trip this summer. The whole trip only lasted for 10 days, but it was already very abundant. The first few days in the camp were mainly for brothers and sisters who came from different countries to have training together.  The Vancouver team shared how coworkers pursue together, how we do the gospel work, how we consider before the Lord in ministry, etc. I truly give thanks that the Lord has given us a way to take up His commission. What we have done and experienced in the Lord