September 9, 2022

My First Break-Bread Meeting – Leon Lee (Mighty Team)

In the Global Phone Sing, we are sharing our first experience/ feeling joining break bread meeting. I was invited to join this meeting a few days after I had accepted the Lord. I was given a brief introduction to what the bread and cup meant. It was difficult for me to enjoy the whole meeting because I was a new believer and most of the brothers and sisters were Chinese speaking even though I had a brother translating to English for me. Not only that, I felt very cold because all the windows in that room were wide open (this

主對我們一家的祝福 – Jarvis Lui (Precious)

我們一家四口在2020年12月9號到達溫哥華,不經不覺已經差不多兩年。這兩年雖然經歷了不同的難處,例如:太太讀書,工作和小朋友初期適應,但我們好感恩,在兩年時間內,我們成功取得居留(PR),而且找到一份穩定工作。 每一個難處,主都為我们開路,同時間主派了好多弟兄姐妹在我們身邊支持和幫助,即使當中有辛酸,但我們並不覺得孤單。 我們一家都好喜歡在教會追求主, 主真的好愛我們。

Unforgettable Moments in Vancouver – Jerry Zhang (Promised Land)

As I look through the photos during my stay here in Vancouver, I am reminded again of why I love this place so much. It is because of the wonderful people in this Church. In particular, the brothers and sisters in Promised Land really made me feel at home. I remember being impressed by how responsible they were whilst taking care of the children at Summer Day Camp. I recall working together in unison to get our themed t-shirts printed before the Family Fun Day. I smiled when I thought of the games, sports, and laughs we have had. I

暑假追求中我進步了 – Angela Chen (Treasure)

感謝主暑假的追求安排幫助我心靈釋放了。 以前在聚會中心思總是想來想去, 好難出聲, 最後都不能開聲。 每日的敬拜team幫我慢慢打開自己, 每一次我心靈好大享受和時時經歷與主好近。 我每日都好想參加,期待這個時光,一次都不想錯過。 有一個星期家裡的小朋友沒有報名Summer Day Camp,但是我們特意來參加敬拜team。 有一個早上來之前撞車, 來到聚會地方,只剩下五分鐘, 我依然來參加。 以前發生這樣的事, 我的心思根本不能定下來。 最近的操練幫我的心很快就回到主面前, 可以定下來。 我明白多一些什麼是看到主, 可以不用緊張。 現在我進步了, 在聚會中可以開聲敬拜和相交。