August 19, 2022

My relationship with God has improved – Truman Ho (Promised Land)

The trip to Bay Area was not only a great opportunity to meet and support the church there, but it was also extremely nourishing to my spirit. I found that living with brothers and sisters and having a structured daily schedule improved my relationship with God greatly. Together, we learned how to take gaps with the Lord in worship, turn to Him while doing daily tasks and shout for joy in all things. And, although we may be from different countries, we can live as a family and all have the same heart for God. It is so glorious that

Improvement in my spirit and daily life – Lena Yang (Promised Land)

The week spent in the Bay Area and living with brothers and sisters everyday 24/7 has really been a fun experience and also a great chance for improvement in my spirit and daily life. Every morning we would wake up around 6-7am together. I’m sure even though most of us were very tired, doing it together made it feel so much easier. From there, we would get ready, eat breakfast, and have personal time. And then we had Bible reading time together, and team time till 10am. It was really abundant. During the team time, we learned more about using

It’s much easier to have a good schedule now – Kira Law (Promised Land)

I’ve always ‘known’ what a good schedule should be like, but never really had that strong determination to walk it out every day. There’s always an excuse for not following or even setting a good schedule. But when we all did it together on this trip, it’s much easier to actually have a good schedule. Sleeping at 10:30pm and waking up at 6:30am is actually not that bad, and by the end of the trip I even felt that it’s late at night when it’s only 9pm. It’s such a touching and glorious scene when we all sat around the

Good schedule to turn to the Lord more – Heman Ho (Promised Land)

On our trip to the Bay Area, I learned many things. Perhaps most importantly, I established a schedule which allowed me to turn to the Lord often. Every day I lived joyfully because I lived with the Lord and among brothers and sisters. Coming back to Vancouver, I will continue living a life that is close with God.

I want to keep up the good schedule back home – Chloe Huang (Promised Land)

The week where I went to the Bay Area mission trip has been really a good conditioning for my spirit and schedule. I really enjoyed meeting the Bay Area brothers and sisters and pursuing with them everyday. Putting God as the centre of our schedule everyday helped me a lot to experience the Lord and Abba deeper in our worships and Bible reading. It taught me well how to live with God everyday. Doing the small things like taking leisure walks after every meal, joining 7am phone sing and taking breaks/gaps showed me how free and how easy it is