January 29, 2022

Thanks to God for guiding me – Enoch Cheng (Alpha)

At the beginning of this year, I felt really lost after graduating from SFU. I did not know what to do in my next stage in life. However, with the help and guidance from many brothers and sisters, I was able to find a good job that is suitable for me! I give thanks for the love and care from this family. As well, I also give thanks to God for listening to my prayers for a job which also allows me to do more ministry. I feel blessed to have so many brothers and sisters, and I give thanks

His providence and timing is real and most perfect! – Teny Li (Promised Land)

From August to November last year, I was busy finishing up a practicum for my degree while working and studying for my board exams. In particular, I was worried about passing my boards since I heard the failure rate is increasing and even people with stellar grades failed the exam. The board exam cost >$2500 and I need it to obtain my license to work so I can pay off my student loans. I felt a lot of pressure to study well and had many anxious thoughts about whether I could pass. But I’m grateful a church sister prayed with

Making my bed daily helped me overcome my emotions – Victoria Kan (Promised Land)

It has always been one of my goals to make my bed every day.   I went back to Sacramento over the holidays and my mom reminded me to make my bed.  With her reminders, I continued to do it daily, and I realized it helped me.   I stopped making my bed when I started to have my emotional cycle back in Toronto. Back then, every time I didn’t feel well mentally, I would just go to my bed and cover my head with the blanket. I would empty all my thoughts and let my mind go blank.  As the