January 27, 2022

I can already feel the improvement… – Cinthia Tang (Promised Land)

When I first heard the message about reducing our screen time, I felt like I wanted to improve in that area. Not only because I saw how spending too much time on my phone affected my studies, but also my spirit. So in the past few weeks I have become more aware. Whenever I find myself scrolling through social media, I  would ask myself “Am I doing something productive? If not then I would put the phone down. When I took this action, not only am I more productive during the day, but I feel like I’ve gotten closer to

Many many thanks for God’s uncountable grace – Siu Ling Lam (Alpha)

I had been experiencing unusual pain in my tummy for quite a few months and finally had a check up in the hospital at the beginning of this year. The results came back in less than a week and I was told by my family doctor that I had cancerous cells in my womb. The Lord cared for my feelings and let me be with my close sisters when I received the news. Even though there was a brief second that I felt like I wanted to cry, the Lord gave me peace & let me know that He is

Encouraged by brothers and sisters’ sharing to make changes for God – John Leung (Mighty Team)

Many Mighty Team brothers and sisters and I were touched and encouraged by brothers and sisters’ sharing about overcoming distractions from electronic devices to spend more time with God. Regardless of their age or life stage, they all want to love God more. Grade six sister Gayla’s sharing touched me the most. She prayed to God to overcome her Youtube addiction that even I myself as a grown man wouldn’t admit, let alone seeking help. I can relate to her and many brothers and sisters because I used to check sports scores during meetings. I only stopped after brothers and