January 25, 2022

Not waste time on unnecessary things! – Jannie Tang (Promised Land)

After the Sunday message on January 2, which the focus was to encourage younger brothers/sisters to stop playing video games, I got a reminder from the Lord too. I also need to obey God’s standards and not waste time on unnecessary things. I don’t play video games, but I watch dramas & entertainment news on YouTube/internet in the evening before sleeping. It delayed my sleeping time and affected my focus in the day. Since that day, I have stopped this habit. Now I listen to messages on YouTube instead and watch biblical truth videos from our Church. I sleep much

I want to set my focus on the Lord – Jenny Lee (Alpha)

Since we started to share about God’s standard and the Redeem Your Time program, I became more aware of how I used my time. I made some adjustments with my gap time and cut all unnecessary screen time. It was an easy adjustment, but I still felt something was missing. During a Wednesday night prayer meeting, when we prayed for the younger ones, the Lord also told us he misses us and desires our first love to Him. I also felt the Lord misses me greatly. I thought it was only because I didn’t have enough personal time, but that

God needs me – Nita Law (Alpha)

I serve in the children ministry and I often tell the children that they are very important. However, deep in my heart I don’t see myself as an important person compared to others. In the beginning of this year, I see there is a revival in the church, and I feel the needs are great. I really wanted to be involved, but I also feel my capacity has reached the max. One time when I was taking a walk with the Lord, I strongly felt that the Lord needs me so much, the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are

God treasures the things I do for Him – Queenie Law (Alpha)

From recent meetings, I feel that God really treasures my response to Him. I have just changed to Alpha group, and it is my first time shepherding grade 1 children. I feel I don’t really know how to manage some situations such as discipline, and there are a lot of things to learn. Sometimes I feel I couldn’t contribute much. In the meetings, I feel God is comforting me and He really treasures the things I do for Him.

I am doing this for the Lord! – Enoch Cheng (Alpha)

At first when I heard about violin saying no video games, I immediately stopped playing computer games as I was scared that I would get in trouble and thought that it would allow the younger brothers in my group to have the excuse to play video games as I was playing too. However, it was when we gave our hearts to the Lord on Jan 1st, 2022 was when I realized that I am doing this for the Lord and I want to put the Lord first! It has given a true reason to why I should stop playing computer

The right mindset! – Thomas Chuah (Alpha)

I’ve been inspired by recent meetings around the screen addiction rehab program. The essence is to help young brothers and sisters return to their first love for the Lord. But I was also reminded to restore my own first love. When I reflected, I realized that my first love had been slipping away from me. During the pandemic I had kept myself very involved in ministry as well as in meetings. I had also been careful to maintain spiritual discipline for the most part. And in the past, I felt that that should be enough to satisfy the Lord. But

Take small steps at a time – Hong Yan (Alpha)

I am learning how to take small steps in my faith after the Friday messages about faith. For many things, I will take a big leap and either I would succeed, or I would fail and end up back where I was. I didn’t have the patience to build something up slowly. Now, I see my personal journey with God is how I can build my faith. This needs to be done step by step, experience by experience. No matter how small or simple of an experience, it will help me more than no experience. So many things that I

I want to put the Lord as my first priority – Michael Li (Alpha)

Recently, I have been encouraged by brothers and sisters giving more time to the Lord and living up to God’s standard. I was reminded of the Lord’s grace and mercy to me in 2007. I really experienced Him and was able to cut video games right away. I really wanted to draw near to Him. I give thanks for the “Redeem Your Time” program for the young brothers and sisters in the church. I wish I had that program to help me back then, so I could see the importance of using my time well. I really felt I lost

God desires my heart the most – Judy Fung (Alpha)

I feel the Lord knows my needs and the needs of His church. The recent sharing about redeeming our time, along with the Friday messages about thought and faith, reminds me the importance of safeguarding my mind, exercising my faith, and offering my heart to the Lord. I am more determined to fight the battle of my mind and align my thoughts according to the truth. I treasure the daily worship and Bible Phone Sing which help me set my mind on the resurrected Lord, His love and His promises. His words give me strength to go from faith to