January 7, 2022

Gains from the team time – Promised Land high school

Emily Zhang The in-person team time has helped me to be more productive. I found that in the days I stayed at home, I would often slack off and waste a day. However, when I came to Marine Drive meeting place for team time and made a schedule for myself, it helped me to be more organized and I could start my day with God.   Ray Zhang It’s so precious that we can come to this God’s family. The Lord is the one to make every one of us get together and enjoy Him together. The Lord talked to

I enjoy team time during the break – Jenise Cheng (Promised Land)

I enjoyed the team time because I felt that I was having a fun time with the brothers and sisters of the church and also enjoying God with them. They helped me know more about the Lord and learn more about God’s words. I felt comfortable listening to more about the brothers and sisters’ experiences being God’s children. In the team time we would have fellowship, pray together and sing songs to the Lord. It helps me be closer with the Lord and brothers and sisters. The high school brothers and sisters were on winter break, so we had team

Hopeful start for the new year! – Tuhien Trieu (Faithful Team)

During the first fasting prayer meeting of the year, I was very touched when we all prayed for our family members by name to be saved. As each one prayed, I felt the Lord’s love for them and that they are also my family members. I want them to be saved! I also desire for my dad, brother and sisters to believe in the Lord soon. Looking forward to many brothers and sisters’ families to be saved in 2022! Also, I was encouraged by the sharings of the faithful team coworkers, the parents and Emma. The Lord was merciful for

Set free from my phone! – Maggie Chen (Faithful Team)

I find that I’m always on my phone even when I don’t need to use it. It’s been wasting a lot of my time. I got a phone jail to lock up my phone for a few hours per day. I find it very helpful and it helps me to focus better when I’m doing tasks. However, in the back of my mind I still allow flexibility to have unnecessary screen time because I know it’s not wrong. So when Violin gave the message on God’s standards, that’s when I realized I shouldn’t allow so much tolerance to let things

國語年青弟兄姊妹興起 – John Lo (Morning Sun)

感謝主,在過去一年,透過參與Sunday 123的活動,國語年青弟兄姊妹能夠有更大傳福音的異象,也更投入學習事奉,例如安排接觸新朋友的活動,更多愛心表達,打電話問候,關心個別的讀書與生活的情況。另外,又與其他團的弟兄姊妹有更多聯繫,不再只限於自己組別範圍,更廣闊的認識及經歷神的家,這也是我們起初所想望達到的。

Less distraction and more edifying things – Norman Lun (Faithful Team)

I was very touched by Violin’s message on Sunday. I feel that God sets a high standard for us not because He wants to restrict us, but because He knows what is the best for us. It is really for our benefits and our good. I realized that although I don’t play many games, I have some things that waste a lot of my time, like going on many websites and browsing forums. Therefore, I made a decision to do less of these things, and do more of the things that are more edifying. I feel I have less distraction.