September 7, 2020

Love Hopes all Things – Beth Banh 

Recently I’ve been inspired by the story behind this beautiful sunflower now growing in my garden. It started off with a simple science experiment for my son’s school.  The seed did indeed sprout in the plastic bag, but it had turned mouldy and disgusting. I was ready to throw it in the garbage, but my mom convinced me to try to plant it in soil to see what would happen. To our surprise, the mouldy sprout grew well and grew strong despite my lowest expectations for its survival. Now it stands six feet tall and the flower is blossoming with

The Love of Christ Connects Us All – Katy Lee Law 

The ones who impressed me the most in the India/Nepal special meeting was the Delhi Team.  Even though they didn’t actually speak much, their ministry spoke volumes about their love for God and brothers and sisters. In the past month, I feel like I’ve gotten to know them better and I love them more. Every Indian brother or sister who shared basically mentioned them. They are doing so, so much for the Lord. They are influencing hundreds and soon thousands! How glorious! When I was driving home from the meeting and thinking of them, I felt that I was getting